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About Winston’s

Winston's owners Cassan and Alex standing in front of Winston's building doors smiling at camera holding two kids in arms

Inspired by family and community

In the Heart of Downtown Napa

illustrated art of Winston the dog

Named after Alex & Cassan’s pitt mix, Winston’s is a neighborhood cafe & bakery located in downtown Napa, CA. We serve farm to table style breakfast and lunch cuisine with a focus on seasonality and supporting local agriculture. We are the proud home of Paulie’s bagels, as well as a carefully curated selection of locally produced wines. As Napa locals, we strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere for our community as well as support local vendors & artists.

Meet Paul of Paulie’s Bagels

Paul Willits Brown IV went from dishwasher to biology degree and a desk job then back to service and Executive Chef in what now seems like the blink of an eye. That whole time he really only cared about a few simple things—and one was having great bagels. They were everywhere in Pennsylvania and New York, but Napa? Nothing. So he took his industry experience and scientific mindset and set out to make a great bagel.

What started as a side project turned into a side business and then a full-time grind that had taken over his entire kitchen and garage. With no room to grow, he was questioning whether to move on and go back to chef life. Then along came Alex Macaraig, owner of the site of former ABC Bakery. Alex wanted to refresh and reopen the cafe bakery and needed a chef/baker. So Paulie’s Bagels found a new home, and Paul found the space and time to expand his repertoire.

What started as bagels has turned into many more passion projects, from potato buns to East Coast-style hoagie rolls. Time will certainly bring more to the table.

Pastry chef Paul, in orange shirt putting pastries into brown box

Meet our staff!